Winner of 2015 Pro Tools Innovation Award

by WINBAG® | February 28, 2015

Be a winner with WINBAGS. We are glad to announce that the WINBAG today made the cut and was named as winner in the 2015 Pro Tools Innovation Awards in the category Hand Tools. See more and view the other results at Excerpt from the Pro Tools Website: What they said: The WINBAG is the most versatile and revolutionary tool that has been put on US market in many years. It will completely change the way installers do all kinds of work, making their lives a lot easier while saving them tons of time. The WINBAG is a very powerful hand operated inflatable air cushion made of fiber reinforced material. It is designed to provide a maximum pressure of up to 220 lbs. and can be used in a wide variety of applications. It gives the user infinite adjusting possibilities for example when installing windows, positioning heavy doors, levelling furniture, kitchen cabinets and household appliances. What we say: The WinBag makes a lot of sense and is so easy to use that your kids can help you with leveling and installation duties. We like the 220 pound capacity and the ability to make fine adjustments to create perfectly levelt results.


**NOTE: Since the date of this award and news post, WINBAG® has improved its maximum lifting pressure to 300 lbs.